Before any commercial construction project can begin, there are several steps that must be completed to ensure that the project is not only viable, but destined to be a success. Thompson Builders offers our expertise and thoroughness in providing pre-construction services, which include everything from estimating to planning, design, and scope. The Thompson team believes that good construction management lets the project owner know what to expect, which we provide through a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap for completing the project.

We will examine the pre-existing site conditions that may impact design and structural integrity of the project. These conditions are documented and will be used to help determine what, if any, preemptive actions must be taken before construction begins. We will then conduct a thorough analysis to present a comprehensive bid package that will help the project teams to avoid costly surprises once demolition or construction begins.

Intelligent software is utilized to create a 3D model based on existing project documents in order to provide an accurate visualization of what the project will look like when completed. This model plays a crucial role in every step of the project lifecycle, helping to inform decisions regarding structural design and construction. Coordination at this level can place a spotlight on trouble areas, help reduce or eliminate issues during construction, and ultimately save time and money on the project at large.

Detailed review of drawings and troubleshooting during pre-construction effectively identifies potential conflicts before they occur. We employ careful, proactive planning and oversight to reduce total construction time and costs and ensure projects run smoothly.

Thompson Builders’ estimating team brings many decades of experience to building the most accurate and detailed construction estimates available. We will review and assess every aspect of your project documents and/or conceptual designs to outline the values of all major components of your project and provide accurate budget estimations.

Our teams have experience working in many settings including occupied buildings, downtown urban settings and other limited access environments. Taking the needs of our client into account, we perform a site evaluation to plan the phases of construction and staging areas effectively. This helps us ensure construction is completed safely, efficiently, and with minimal inconvenience to our client.

On projects requiring multiple subcontractors, suppliers and vendors, it’s crucial that the specifications of the project are communicated accurately. The Thompson team packages all pertinent construction documents to provide prospective trade contractors the information they need to confidently provide accurate bids.

Any construction project comes with inherent risks, especially a large-scale commercial project. These risks can involve worker safety, change orders, contract verbiage, jobsite vandalism, and much more. Thompson Builders ensures that all contracts are written properly, regulations are adhered to and that all work is completed safely and according to project specifications.

During the planning phase of a commercial construction project, every decision is crucial to maximizing return on investment and delivering outstanding outcomes. As a project owner, you have a vision for your project and know the results you want to achieve when it’s complete. Partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable construction team early on will help you set your project on a sure path to success.

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Thompson Builders’ integrated and collaborative approach to the design & preconstruction phase is intended to make your construction project run as smoothly as possible, stay on schedule and come in under budget.
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