Design-Build Services

As an extensively experienced design-build firm, Thompson Builders will guide you through the entire commercial construction process from conception to completion and delivery. Our team integrates all the main disciplines to best utilize information and processes, a proven formula for a successful project.

The popularity of the design-build method continues to grow as more project owners realize it has the potential to save time and money while ensuring a successful project.

Design/Build Projects

The Commercial Design-Build Process

As the most streamlined process of all the different delivery methods, the design-build process contains four main phases: pre-construction, design, construction, post construction. Here’s how you can generally expect a successful design-build project to proceed.


Pre-construction planning, a critical step in the process, involves all-in collaboration and evaluation of the project’s goals, budget, and timelines as well as conscientious due diligence as needed. Thompson Builders helps you through the pre-construction stage, ensuring you are involved in and understand how we plan to execute your commercial project, manage any unplanned changes or snags, and assure the success of your project.


Many project owners find the design stage to be the most exciting. That’s not surprising, as this is your opportunity to personalize your facility to ensure it meets your business needs. Our design pros will help you ensure the desired functionality and aesthetics of your project, inside and out, then provide the finalized drawings for your approval.


The construction phase is a series of important milestones that require all trades to complete their part of the project on time, within budget and at the highest quality.

Thompson Builders will handle the coordination of each trade and milestone to ensure the project moves forward as scheduled, maintaining high-level communication and transparency so the project owner is always up to date on the progress of the project.


In the post-construction inspection stage, which begins after construction is complete, the Thompson team will provide the project owners with a full overview of the project, turn over necessary documentation, and walk you through the completed project. We’ll also make sure that all post-construction cleanup is completed thoroughly so that your facility is ready to open for business. The final inspection ensures the quality you expected, and we will only close out the project once you’re satisfied.

Single-Point Responsibility

The design/build method places all phases of design and construction in the hands of a single firm, providing you with an integrated team committed to your project.

Cost Savings

Our design and construction experts will work together to evaluate alternative methods and materials that can reduce the total cost of your project.

Time Savings

By identifying and resolving problems during the design phase, Thompson Builders can ensure a smooth transition into construction and shorten the overall project duration.

Exceptional Quality

With both design and construction in the hands of our skilled team, Thompson Builders assumes full control and responsibility in order to deliver a high-quality finished product.


As a construction-industry leader since 1989, Thompson Builders is remarkably experienced and skilled in every aspect of the design-build construction process as well as fully dedicated to delivering quality construction and outstanding client service. We invite you to browse our portfolio of projects and to contact us with any questions about our design-build services.
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