300 films watched. A popular social media platform for cinephiles is Letterboxd. As Murray describes the stinging joke scenario’s appeal through the realisation that ‘all the steps elided in editing can’t be shown on screen, no matter where Keaton sets the camera.’ That was true for a movie made in 1924 and almost one hundred years later it is still a risky taboo in a family feature film. One in particular, in which he produces a lot of spin on a ball over a short distance must have taken much practice and perseverance to get just right for the flawless character’s gimmick. Another comedic star of silent pictures, Harold Lloyd, wowed contemporary audiences with his daredevil stunts although he did not direct his own pictures like his main rival - Chaplin - from the period. 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (Letterboxd Edition) show list info. David Stratton mentions how Rene Clair compared the film to Luigi Pirandello’s play "Six Characters in Search of an Author" in its metafictional commentary on character internal wishes within an exploration of cinema’s perceived realism. His silent movies are his greatest triumphs, not because he was unable to produce quality noises, but because in the silent years he had total freedom to work with precise precision in assembling his gags, stunts and chase sequences both in front of, and behind, the camera lens. "Sherlock Jr." entered the public domain in January 2020, allowing a wider audience a better chance to discover this incredible innovative director and actor from silent motion pictures through this fantastic offering. Not deterred, Keaton once more crosses over resiliently. 96. Time Out calls this set piece ‘an astonishingly acute perception of the interaction between movie reality and audience fantasy, and the role of editing in juggling both,’ and certainly the editing is top-notch with Keaton’s physical body in the exact spatial position as one disparate landscape gives way to the next (very competent filmmakers can struggle to get this correct even when editing within a single location). I can only assume that Keaton filmed it like 200 times and finally got a take that was miraculously perfect. (My ancient Kino DVD—a twofer with Our Hospitality—lists its runtime as 44 minutes.) Peter Jackson. ... Sherlock, Jr. (1924) Rotten Tomatoes® 94%. Life... is a paradise to what we fear of death. While IMDb may be famous for the Top 250, it is not the only one. 01, The development of the war in their lives plays through to Lincoln's assassination and the birth of the Ku Klux Klan. We would expect commotion from spectators witnessing an individual dash down the aisle and jump over the piano, never mind penetrating the silver screen. Likewise when he wanders to the house of McGuire’s girl whom he plans to ask for her hand in engagement, he sneakily amends the pencil-drawn price on the box from one dollar to four dollars. Could not figure out how it's done. You can see its influence in much later great movies, where characters dream of a perfect cinematic alternative world to live and breathe in to avoid the brutal horrors and disappointments of the cruel real world where they envisage themselves as self-loathing failures. Mobile site. Moments later a car appears from the right side of the frame and Keaton, as Murray notes, ‘suddenly takes off into the horizon, shrinking to a dot as he disappears into the distance.’ His escape rests upon exhibiting depth in the frame and creating a path beyond the perimeters of a two-dimensional rectangle. The Ascent (1977) 97. David is using Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists with friends. defines his famous status. I'm emphasizing the jaw-droppers because those make the strongest impression here, but it's not as if there aren't sublimely simple gags as well. The door opens to this mansion announcing Keaton’s arrival in the movie/dream and here he enters with clean white fitted gloves, a dapper outfit and top hat, poised and elegant with a professional swagger way that defies his amateur sleuth alter-ego. When Keaton first walks into Hearts and Pearls, it's easy enough to comprehend that he's simply stepping onto a set that's been framed to look like a movie screen; when he does so the second time, however, discovering that the film-within-the film has just cut to a different scene, the edit in Sherlock Jr. itself is nearly impossible to spot unless you look at the audience, which shifts ever so slightly. Seven Chances (which is one of my dozen or so favorites of all time) makes me laugh more consistently, and Sherlock Jr. "suffers," in a very negligible way (let's call it four points out of 100! Favorites: The Princess Bride (1987), Sherlock, Jr. (1924), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Spirited Away (2001). I refer once more to Murray’s critique: ‘Every bad thing that happens to the projectionist occurs in the space of a cut, and serves to keep him trapped inside the box. 2020. Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) Rotten Tomatoes® 96%. The blistering imagination of the movie/dream is not forgotten by an underwhelming tacked on conclusion to wrap up the story. Bio: I … Rewatched Sherlock Jr. (1924) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In real life, though, it’s the girl who puts the pieces together and figures out who really stole the watch. The film that is being projected features characters whose identities will shift until they are all portrayed by tulpa replicas of the persons involved in the parallel narrative, leaving the film within a film to advance far beyond a background decoration. Letterboxd and IMDb Top Films - Page 3 show list info. 98. Keaton is a lot shorter than the imposingly long-legged Crane, and although neither man has much money the slickness of Crane’s hair and attire implies a sense that he is willing to deceive an appearance of wealth. At one point Keaton uses another superimposition effect to show him dive out the window from a visible interior to a suitcase perched with a ready-made costume, and he casually saunters away without any hiccup in the accomplishment. Film critic Noel Murray discusses this sequence in detail, positing the conceptual thought that the film is all about a geometrical rectangle (within the frame of the screen that is displaying the film). Keaton’s films were never as popular during the zeitgeist of this formalist cinema, yet many of his works have in modern times grown in reputation and stature; arguably he is the actor/director who newcomers to the Silent Era tend to find most accessible, for his films generally do not feel as dated nor completely of their time, and they still make us laugh. The entire Heimat project (3 series of films and an independent theatrical spin-off film) are worth watching. Keaton has the live audience in the bottom portion of the frame but they reside like very still spectres, showing very muted reaction to the unintentional comedy up on the screen, as their projectionist is subsumed in a form of entertainment that should incite wild reactions. Jody uses Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists. Keaton directed further reels and intended "Sherlock Jr." to be much longer than its final edited version, and he had full directorial autonomy to decide how best to shape his films as he did for all his art during the incredible output of the 1920s. Mobile site. The 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book series but with a twist. (Sorry, "A Day in the Country.") Film data from TMDb. My current favourites in Letterboxd (I would add images or links to videos if I could) 1:Heimat - Edgar Reitz -The best tv series ever. Of course, since it is Keaton’s dream anything is possible and as it resides within a potent wish fulfilling urge to be taken seriously as a detective, the fact that the dreamer exists as invincible and indestructible can explain some of the incredible feats he endures. Jean-Pierre Melville. 91. Audience Reviews for Sherlock Jr. Aug 31, 2018 Simply a marvel of ideas and execution, Keaton's imagination alone is a bullet ride across The Twilight Zone and The Wizard Of Oz at the same time. What an ending. It seems literally contrary to the laws of physics. At three-quarters of an hour in length, the movie is only five minutes longer than the maximum duration boundary for shorts to qualify as Oscar possibilities in those categories, but having seen the film dozens of times I never feel like the barely feature-length running time is an issue. Bio: I have been a lover of films for as long as I can remember. Consider the act of him riding on the handlebars of a motorcycle amidst a slalom course of incoming traffic, ‘a veritable cascade of unbelievably complex gags’ (Time Out). The Shining (1980) Rotten Tomatoes® 92%. This is something that endears him to a modern audience as many contemporaries hammed up their expression of an emotion for a fuller effect and this can play out as somewhat hokey by today’s levels of tolerance, whereas Keaton seems imported from a later period of cinema history with an understanding to the advantageous toning down of the theatrical style. He grabs hold of a water pipe as the train passes below his feet and is powerfully washed to the ground. Crane’s deception has been conducted in a desultory way prompting him to quickly improvise once the father discovers his watch is missing, and ironically he frames Keaton for the crime by slyly utilising the self-help bullet points in Keaton’s detective manual. But the reflexive ending, with our hero repeatedly consulting onscreen lovers for tips on how to woo his own paramour, ties a satisfying life vs. art bow onto the whole thing. Osiris66 uses Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists. And its second half is pretty much a nonstop parade of How in the almighty fuck?!? Bio: I love and watch movies because it give me a short break from my life. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Originally he had hoped to co-direct the picture with his mentor Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, after remaining a loyal friend to the man in the aftermath of a scandal that ruined his reputation, but once issues arose during filming Keaton wisely protected his art tactfully without severing his relationship with Arbuckle. Comedies, Dramas, action/adventure, mysteries, superheros; I watch all genres. I sense his films likely find as large (or larger) group of admirers today than the other silent clowns who were blessed with more fans and paying patrons in their heyday and on a hypothetical Mount Rushmore of silent clowns with Chaplin, Lloyd and Harry Langdon, one could not begrudge Keaton’s equity for a deserved placing as potentially the flagship ideal of that short-lived art form. (Apparently I wanted to kick off the year with a certain winner.) Keaton’s penchant was for stoicism and subtlety as a comedic performance. James Agee notes how ‘Keaton’s face ranked almost with Lincoln’s as an early American archetype; it was haunting, handsome, almost beautiful, yet it was irreducibly funny.’ His large, deep expressive eyes could reveal so much amidst the poker-faced visage, like an imposing statue with penetrating eyes that stare back at you from any angle. One thing I readily applaud in this film is the proactive detective work done by the main female - she solves the real-life drama simply by asking the appropriate question to the one person who would definitively know the identity of the thief. Join here. Although Keaton is willing to take the money he found, once the owner asks if he found the dollar bill during his cleaning of the theatre he cannot punctuate the theft with a lie. After the protagonist follows his man (from right-to-left) until being detected, Keaton ends up on the top of a moving freight train jumping from carriage to carriage left-to-right, in another exquisitely well-placed camera shot where the actor completely trusts his ability to complete the stunt without being displaced from the stationary frame of the camera’s eye. Having been utterly flummoxed by this gag 25 years ago, I was determined to solve the mystery for myself this time. Keaton masterfully orchestrated the separated locations with a single, still establishing shot so that the movie screen and the seating auditorium are both visible, but once the projectionist’s bodily components are accepted by a linear narrative, Keaton the director uses a push in camera movement from the back of the auditorium towards the large screen, which culminates with an assisting gentle zoom in a fluid motion to bring the movie/dream to a domination of the frame, and our director never once imposes a shot reverse shot to the audience out there in the dark immersed in the spectacle. 105. Even the trick shots that are executed to perfection are all done by Keaton himself, there are no special effects or subliminal editing cuts to achieve the desired movement of the balls. It's almost too astonishing, with so many consecutive dazzlers that it's hard to believe you're watching an actual film and not a Buster Keaton best-of. All Quizzes. No better example of three-part structure than the "money lost in the trash" bit, which uses recurring humor to set up the punchline for a third iteration (Keaton pre-emptively handing his last dollar bill to the behemoth), then trumps that joke with another, truly unexpected fillip. 19, That is true enough but it is staggering to reflect upon how Keaton still had to achieve all the dangerous stunts naturally for his onscreen perfection to be committed to celluloid. © Letterboxd Limited. My arbitrary definition of a feature-length film—no less than 45 minutes—was derived specifically from Sherlock Jr.'s length, as noted in Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide; it's the shortest film I found listed there, so that's where I drew my line. 7 films watched. In other movies from the era there is a tendency for one character to avoid saying something important to another character that would nullify the entire narrative, but on this occasion the plot respects its character’s intelligence. There's no cut when Keaton leaps through a display case and a human being's torso and a wooden fence, though. For example, he turns up in various concealed disguises at a moment’s notice, and partakes in two of the greatest instances of cinematic trickery that will have you scratching your head as to how they were achieved. Letterboxd - Top 250 Movies - Page 2 show list info. He invades the film’s diegesis because he takes exception to the Crane and McGuire characters in a romantic embrace. After this disappointment Keaton continues to read down the list and takes the fifth instruction to heart: shadow your man closely. Plus it's just plain silly to criticize a movie for relentless awesomeness. Imogen Sara Smith intimates in her biography of the actor/director: ‘Keaton never forces a response from the audience, never manipulates, never overplays. 404 films watched. © Letterboxd Limited. Second viewing, last seen New Year's Day 1995.

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