Comedy is a lot less funny when it's from a genuine creep. He probably won’t read it and he even more probably won’t answer. Louis C.K. Also blackballing people from the industry to silence them afterwards, really need to stress that part since it's basically taking someone's livelihood away. I don’t know, maybe it’s because you’re doing nothing for her sexually! While I loved a great deal of it i think my absolute favourite part that had me burst out laughing both times I watched it was the bit about kids asking each other out. Louis C.K. His TV show, Louie, is also one of the best comedies of the 2010s. And all of that is one of the reason that people were so upset/surprised when the stories of what he did came out. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SubredditDrama community. The first time I watched it the only thing that made me really laugh was the 9-11 bit. Reddit has a huge number of CK defenders. Louis CK sells new comedy special directly, promotes on Reddit ... Louis C.K. potential is by definition not real. Jerking off on the phone while talking to someone is okay with me. Press J to jump to the feed. The comedian said he released the stand-up special titled Sincerely C.K. Anyway, for those who need to laugh, I hope my new show will help. I just think it's weird that people could just overlook what he did. The funniest comments on that sub are "struggling comedians" arguing with redditors in the comments over why their jokes actually are funny and everyone is wrong for not enjoying it. Listened to the first episode of his podcast and I’ve been hoping he would do something like this. I may have just been projecting, but he came across as sad and not quite like the "old Louis" during the … I'm making my daughter some soup and I put it down in front of her and say 'uhh.. here's your fucking soup'", 9/11 and Greek mythology. Edit: waited an hour and opened the link on … Now he's playing 2,000-seat theaters as he tries to write his own post-#MeToo playbook. Being talented doesn't give you a free pass to be an obnoxious cunt and then go back to business as usual. thats a pretty good dig at even big comedians "this profession is full of some funny people and a lot who are really good at tricking people into thinking they are funny". Both times I laughed so hard at the same bit that I cried. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I rewatched it with a friend and found so much more of it hysterical. I rank him down there with that Amy woman. He always seemed pretty average to me, maybe even below it. I'm so glad I went back and rewatched this. Louis C.K. Me and my friends get looks every time we quote this in public, 'You kids probably shouldn't bring up the Friendly Man at school. The Sincerely Louis CK Digital Video purchase includes a 1-year digital streaming license of this property on this website, and full digital downloads available in HD and SD quality. Ugh, I want this in audio form. It is tough to choose a favorite but I have a few: 9-11, the kids part that you mentioned and the concept of time. Horace and Pete Executive Producer Louis CK speaks on stage during The 76th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony at Cipriani, Wall Street on May 20, 2017 in New … I loved it as I have loved every special I’ve watched from him, but this was the special I was most excited to watch. Louis has a beautiful, unique, and hard-earned perspective. ", Time and calendars being a silly human concept, "I try not to swear in front of my kids because I know it's wrong. It's a pandemic, SRD is being responsible and switching to a Delivery model. Happy for Louis, he’s a good fella. I mean, I won’t. And Blanche is great to this is my first time ever hearing anything from her she seems like everything Louis was looking for. Sincerely, Louis CK PS it’s not free or anything. On Saturday, with a public largely quarantined in their homes due to the coronavirus, and comics offering a six-hour online advantage, Laugh Aid, to help artists in difficulty, Louis CK completed the last stage of his return with the surprise release of a new special, “Sincerely. Yup, when it comes to stand up, I think he definitely is. You just have a moral disagreement. When he is talking about the tan car with the garbage bag duct taped over one of the windows and he says "What is holding up his suicide? Louis C.K. He isn't a victim, he was a predator. C.K., who self-released his newest stand-up comedy special "Live at the Beacon Theatre" this weekend through his website, seemed game to answer a variety of questions directly from his fans. fuck it why not. Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print ... ostracized and controversy-courting comedian Louis C.K. So hi. r/standup discusses. Achilles you Greek dick , "Achilles' 'Achilles Heel'... is his heel". While I loved a great deal of it i think my absolute favourite part that had me burst out laughing both times I watched it was the bit about kids asking each other out. Louis thinks it's morally fine to abuse power and sexually harass or assault women, while you think that's morally unacceptable. This is the guy — one of the only guys — in comedy publicly seemed to get it. Nobody tells me what I am allowed to do, when I call my mother, Someone got upvoted for the "Sir this is a Wendys" meme if you wanna know how good that sub is at doing stand-up. Definitely the finger bit. i thought that was one of the most "Louis" jokes in there. Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. What's yours? 's no … has released a surprise new special, streaming for $7.99, as he doubles down on his comedic license to say the 'wrong' thing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Quarantining T_D is the same as discriminating against black ppl. Just a simple moral disagreement. … dropped a surprise new comedy special on his website. I have no upper teeth either, Why would you continue to lie when I can literally see it, You can't sensor everyone you don't agree with in life Communist, Buy a cheap greek island, spend the rest on prostitutes and LSD, You’re a 1 dimensional tunnel visioned, karma whore. My new standup special "Louis CK Oh My God" is premiering on HBO this saturday, April 13th at 10pm. He has some truly Hall of Fame-level bits (for me, his “Why?” bit is among the funniest things I’ve ever seen on stage); he really carved out space for introspection (and, frankly, something other than juiced up machismo) on stage which has shaped stand up since; he actually gave voice to female perspectives other than “Why won’t my wife fuck me more, ya know?” on stage; he discussed racial, gender, etc. Oh, there's quite a bit of popcorn in here. Professor of Syndie magic and defense against the populist arts. No one deserves to be a famous celebrity and have access to resources 1000x that of the average family. But sometimes it just slips out. Louis CK Releases New Stand-Up Comedy Special ‘Sincerely’ Special is the comedian’s first since sexual misconduct accusations during #MeToo movement Brian Welk | … "I just wanted to wear your coat! once sold out large arenas like the Forum in Inglewood. Louis C.K. Just saw that you’re a female. What is delaying it? For a minute I forgot I was still in r/SubredditDrama and not in the linked thread. Louis C.K. Also it will be available on my website for 5 dollars globally no drm in September. When he flicks his wrist after had me in tears, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 315 members in the ThoughtsAndPrayers community. Mod killed threads. If someone starts jerking off in front of you and you feel threatened then leave. Louis C.K. My brand new stand-up comedy special. All these comments are so strange. The 'SNL' star spoke with Charlamagne tha God about his upcoming comedy special on Netflix, which includes a pretty vicious shot at Louis -- Pete flat-out calls him a "piece of sh*t.". E-mail Louis. addressed his #MeToo accusations in his first stand-up special released since his career imploded following a 2017 New York Times … I dont have sympathy for someone who apparently just stood there shocked and felt assaulted. Favourite bit from the new special? That person is wrong though. The place where people can come and talk about reddit fights and other dramatic happenings from other subreddits. Louis CK just released a new comedy special. Probably where he's pretending to be "Chinese" and also when he's ranting about the number 11, I saw this special live and then watched it again the day it came out on Netflix. Let me give you an example. I don’t think that’s all that much debated. User deleted threads are purposefully not posted, even if a mod had killed it … Aha feel like watching it a third time just for that. My brand new stand-up comedy special. It's near the start of the show - he's talking about how people rarely kill themselves, even those with the shittiest lives. Bought the new special but it's not opening. as a surprise guest at a recent comedy event, according to attendees.. it still says add to cart and paypal, don't know where to stream it, does anyone know? Both windows are garbage bags? ', The closing bit about getting rammed in the ass. reminds me of his "everything is a double-edged sword" sketch. ", The suicide, garbage bag for a car window bit. dropped a new comedy special Saturday on his official website. Drops a Comeback Special The streaming set is a shorter version of the show he toured last year, and was released the same day as Laugh Aid, a benefit for struggling comics. 'May I finger her?' 's website and is his first since Netflix's 2017 standup entry. The Sincerely Louis CK Digital Video purchase includes a 1-year digital streaming license of this property on this website, and full digital downloads available in HD and SD quality. For those of you that can’t laugh right now I just wish you all the peace you can grab in this shitty shitty time. His hand gestures and when he flicks his wrist after. Pete Davidson has a few choice words for Louis C.K. I really liked the part about people in BC times counting down the years and freaking out because they didn't know what they were counting down to. The story of how he liked to masturbate in front of women was published in the New York Times on November 9th, 2017. “Louis CK releases special no one asked for,” the Daily Beast added. Jerking it, audibly, in a surprising fashion, while someone on the other end of the phone slowly realizes what you’re doing. Louis C.K. Thats my morals. has returned with a surprise stand-up special, after admitting to several accounts of sexual misconduct in the 2010s. Louis C.K. in his new Netflix special, Alive From New York.. One of the most talked about bits from the young SNL cast member’s comedy routine is his feelings towards the 52-year-old, whose career imploded in 2017 when he was accused of harassment and intimidation by multiple women. issues with some nuance, which is uncommon for many comedians who seem so tied to the “FUCK THE SJWs!” side of the discussion. has released a new comedy special called Sincerely Louis CK that is now available for purchase on his website. has a new comedy special out, "Louis C.K. Had me dying. How about you try some foreplay for once!” bit differs from the vast, vast, vast majority of sexual commentary in most of stand-up. Louis CK is a literal genius and I am grateful to have had the privilege to consume so much of his content because I have learned a lot from him (through his TV show and interviews like his first podcast with Maron) and he is objectively one of, if not the best, comedians in the world. is doing an Ask Me Anything chat/thread on Reddit right now, and in between teasing the Redditors, there have been a few gems. To see that the one guy who might get it turns out to be victimizing people (thought not to a Weinstein extent) is disappointing. He was one of the first men in Hollywood whose be… "What is holding back that guy's suicide?". All is understood now. ... Reddit has a huge number of CK defenders. I’m selling it on my website for 7.99 I died. What would it take? Variety’s Jordan Moreau calls the new special “racist” and “misogynistic.” Other left-wing outlets have been producing similar coverage giving special attention to C.K.’s humor about his own misconduct. Potential energy is real and can be measured. did a live question and answer session on Reddit on Monday afternoon, and by doing so, continues his mission to be as accessible and honest with his audience as he possibly can. Why are we giving this guy a platform? Like weirdly zealous defenders. He wasn’t all that funny to begin with. The Nine eleven deniers mostly. The fingering bit you mentioned was my favorite. The brilliant variety special takes on issues such as Picasso’s love of underage girls, personal sexual trauma, and neurodiversity. To the surprise of his fans, and detractors, Louis C.K. dropped a surprise special on Saturday, and I loved it. Louis C.K. theres a lot of that going around which. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Comedian Louis CK appeared on reddit today to promote his upcoming HBO special, "Louis CK Oh My God." Maybe, maybe.. the phone call thing was inappropriate. Being talented doesn't give you a free pass to be an obnoxious cunt and then go back to business as usual. (Like, think about how his “Guys always talk about how their wives don’t like fucking them. They're here already. Has a New Stand-Up Special and of Course People Are Outraged The new comedy special is streaming on Louis C.K. 454 comments. Dave Chappelle brought out Louis C.K. share.

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