When Sebastian returns, he explains everything to an irritated Ciel. 8 His Relationship With The Phantomhives. [467], Ciel recalls his past. [463], Later, Sebastian and Ciel enter Phantomhive Manor, where Mey-Rin, Baldroy, Finnian, and Snake greet Ciel. [77][78] He tells Sebastian that he and the prince have learned a lot from them and expresses his utmost gratitude. [461], When Sebastian lifts Soma, Ciel spots pieces of a photo falling from his hand. [323] Sullivan says something about a ritual and leaves with Wolfram. Unexpectedly, the werewolf appears and runs off. While Sebastian prepares the carriage, Ciel muses on Elizabeth's cryptic words. Sebastian smiles and says that everything went according to plan, but Ciel received a much nicer "medal." Ciel and Sebastian, then, explain the treacherous workings of Sphere Music Hall, and their plan to steal the music hall's source of supply. When Ciel advises him to handle them with caution, as, when provoked, they can be formidable, Sebastian assures him that he will strive to keep Ciel's flame alive, for he is a devil of a butler. At this juncture, Sieglinde emerges, strapped on her new invention: "Arachne Patousa," which are spider legs that enable her to walk. After Sebastian reads it, he is shocked, but he sends John off with a response at once. [253] Professor Michaelis, as their coach, decides to cheer them on as well. [230] They discuss further, speculating that Maurice has been using inappropriate methods for his own benefit. He embraces it, extolling its features, and affirms that if Ciel were not allergic to cats, he would have gladly kept a cat of his own at the Phantomhive Manor. Comforting Sieglinde, Ciel declares that children are not tools; he cannot believe a mother would ruin her child's feet just for a chemical formula. In the manga, it seems that Sebastian was summoned accidentally. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Ciel also states that, because he is Sieglinde's friend, he knows she will never stop studying, but in order to gain new knowledge, she will need a lot of money, which Queen Victoria can provide if Sieglinde works under her. [65] Ciel decides he would like to obtain the warrant instead, and he orders Sebastian to make a competition-worthy curry. [429], Subsequently, the recruited five assemble at Ciel's office at the London townhouse. On June 3rd, the night before the big game, all the dorms hold a grand party, each once arriving in the main hall with great fanfare. [460], To their shock, the words "Who stole the candy from my tummy?" Meet New Sebastian & Ciel in The Upcoming Black Butler Musical Toshiki Tateishi (Sebastian): "I feel very honored and humbled." When they are plunged into the depths of despair, likened to hell, … Black (Noah's Ark Circus)Professor Michaelis (Weston College) [236] Later on, he complains to Sebastian that he feels like an "opera singer." He determines that "Ciel" is an upgraded Bizarre Doll, to which Sebastian agrees, and that he first must eliminate "Ciel"'s alternative sources of blood. Baldroy wants to go after him, but Sebastian stops him. Sebastian questions this, wondering whether Arthur Randall would be displeased, to which Fred says that he would take the reprimand if it means closing the case as soon as possible, especially since Ciel's aim and that of the Yard is to protect the people. [283] He ordered Sebastian to prepare the tickets. [344] They all respond with "Yes, My Lord. Consequently, Sebastian asks Pitt and Soma to leave, and they comply. This comes out when he attacks others on Ciel's orders, such as when he kicked Grell Sutcliff's face because it was the thing that Grell wanted the least damage to. Undertaker adds that there might be interesting developments lurking behind the "end credits." Finally, at Harrod's Stores, they all see Funtom's new line of ladies products. The group suddenly sees a village in the forest, and everyone disembarks from the carriages. [45] As Sebastian prepares some, they gather information on the murders performed by an unidentified serial killer, labeled Jack the Ripper by police and other prostitutes. "[16] Additionally, he has a great and mutual distaste for Grim Reapers. Ciel instructs Sebastian that they want to speak to the Lord of the village[288] (who the villagers have mentioned). [391], Abruptly, a greatly dismayed Edward rushes in, shouting Ciel's name. After inferring that the message came from the intruder and that the words appear to be unrelated to Blavat, Sebastian notices that Ciel is deeply agitated. When they exit the room, Ciel tells Sebastian to make more tea so he can really wake up and discuss all the details with him. Ciel insists that Sebastian would never mix up the numbers until they realize that Patrick Phelps is missing. Presently, Ciel and Sebastian travel to Germany by train. 1. Pitt compliments the afternoon tea and pudding, and Sebastian thanks him. Ciel orders Sebastian to ask the man about the curse. After hearing Sebastian's response, Undertaker is silent. [46] After meeting with Undertaker, they determine that the removal of the murdered women's wombs had to have been performed by an expert, meaning an individual with anatomical knowledge. [37] After Elizabeth breaks Ciel's heirloom ring, Sebastian collects the pieces, fixes the ring, and returns it to him that evening. In subsequence, Sebastian says that her strength is admirable for a human, and delivers a blow to her chest. Afterward, Sebastian recruits Cheslock, Clayton, and Soma, as well. It is known that Sebastian does not sleep, except as a luxury and frequently does tasks for Ciel at night. [150] Arthur and Ciel rise quickly and go straight to Ciel's room to check on Patrick. He affirms that entries in the soul retrieval list may be revised every once in a while, especially when there are external factors, such as a demon, interfering with the affairs of humans. [278] Several names come up, but none of them have anything in common. Sebastian states that he has all the gas' samples. When the Phantomhive servants make a mess, Sebastian cleans up after them and rectifies the various issues. However, just as he is about to deliver the finishing blow, William T. Spears appears and stops him. Suddenly, Sebastian hears someone coming, and they hide. While Edward monitors an unconscious Elizabeth in a bedroom, Sebastian informs Ciel about his entrusting the blood he obtained from the facility to Sieglinde and adds that he was not able to meet the four with the names of stars. [70][71] Agni commends Sebastian's use of chocolate as an ingredient, but he insists that he cannot lose. Diedrich responds that Undertaker is always talking nonsense, so he doesn't pay much attention to him.[381]. [179], Shortly after arriving, the three find the Midford family. [459], Ciel suggests that they do a sweep of the place. Phantomhive ManorPhantomhive townhouse, LondonThe Campania (briefly)Weston College (former) [331] In the underground chamber, Sebastian discovers strange magical markings and drawings. [489], Later, Sebastian and Lau report their abundant findings to Ciel, but not a single one provides conclusive evidence. As Ciel starts, Sebastian holds onto his arm. Characteristics He mentions that the next day is a Friday, meaning Ciel, who is protected by Sirius, can attend the event. Sebastian proves him wrong by beating the young Reaper and throwing him in the way of Grelle, who had begun to attack Undertaker again. Sebastian Michaelis (セバスチャン・ミカエリス, Sebasuchan Mikaerisu) is the demon butler of the Phantomhive household. Sieglinde vows to always keep SuLIN a secret. Feb 5, 2019 - Explore Madison Deveau's board "Black Butler Sebastian", followed by 116 people on Pinterest. [483], Emerging from the smoke are Lau and Ran-Mao, who has broken the ceiling. [493], At the Reading Railway Station, the group divides, with Sebastian and Ciel boarding a train together.[494]. Butler of the Phantomhive household Suddenly, he starts crying too. Gregor suddenly scream—no one should go into Purple House. [394], After Ciel, Sebastian, and Edward arrive at the Sphere Music Hall, Edward points out the absence of Elizabeth, Herman, Edgar Redmond, Lawrence Bluewer, and Gregory Violet. However, this does not stop anyone from thinking that he is very handsome, as … He eliminates all of Ciel's kidnappers, refusing Azzurro's offer of leaving Ciel in exchange for women and money, and returns Ciel home. In both times, Sebastian was able to gather information from the women. "[448], Afterward, Ciel and Sebastian, who gives them plates of food, confront Herman, Edgar, and Lawrence, who are hiding at a pub in Hyde Park. He tells Ciel that everyone else has been evacuated. So, Sebastian should technically be called. He tells them that Undertaker came to visit him and then left for France. Sebastian luckily arrives in time to save Ciel from the cannon fire. Sebastian agrees, and says he will wait outside and that Ciel can summon him if he wishes. As Tanaka leaves, he tells Sebastian he's looking forward to another "Miracle of the Sapphires." RELATED: Black Butler: Ciel Phantomhive VS Sebastian Michaelis for Best Boy. Lau orders Ran-Mao to hunt, and she approaches Baldroy and offers to treat him, to their surprise. "[187] Then a young Grim Reaper, Ronald Knox, appears and uses his Death Scythe (a lawnmower) to kill the corpse, stating that one must smash the head in to stop it. [2], Sebastian typically dresses in a butler's outfit, which consists of black trousers, a six-buttoned double-breasted tailcoat, and a gray vest; on is his shirt cuffs and tie is the Phantomhive crest. On the way, Sieglinde (speaking in German) asks Ciel's age. [419], At Hopkins' Tailor Shop, Nina forces Sebastian to change in and out of several outfits, to Ciel's amusement. [232], One day after the arrival of Prince Soma Asman Kadar at the school, he and Ciel use Soma to discover more secrets regarding Maurice. In particular, he mentioned that the creatures kept as pets there are in no way comparable to cats. ", After a few minutes of the servants' light banter, Ciel also makes another request—he wants them to forget how he was until now. [337] The darkness slowly envelops Ciel as Sebastian issues his ultimatum—abandoning his revenge halfway is against the contract. Ew! Lastly, Sebastian sighs and tells Finnian to take care of Ciel. Ciel has Sebastian toss away the purely social invites, but he stops when he finds a letter from Queen Victoria. When in disguise, he trades the black eye-patch for a white patch that resembles a transdermal patch, … Sebastian continues to guard Ciel and Sullivan while Sullivan's mother reveals the truth. Gregory then concedes and allows everyone to help. After Blavat leaves, Ciel angrily breaks a Meissen vase, to which Sebastian responds by saying that the outburst of rage is futile and uncharacteristic of him. He typically dresses in an outfit, which is black trousers, a tailcoat, vest with the Phantomhive Crest on his shirt cuffs and a black tie. [90] While in the practice tent, they discover that the Grim Reaper, William T. Spears, is also present, under the name Suit. Ciel tells him that he is exhausted and wishes to hurry home to sleep. [43], Upon the Queen's orders, Ciel and Sebastian head to London[44] where they discover Angelina Dalles, her butler, Grelle Sutcliff, and family friend, Lau, looting the Phantomhive townhouse in search of tea. [7] He is sometimes critical of his master and how he treats his workers,[8] but once admitted that he is not averse to the butler lifestyle despite the concomitant daily troubles. [368] As he helped Ciel dress, he asked what method he should use to destroy their enemies. Rate. [201] She then proceeds to attack Grelle, but Sebastian stops her. Another running gag is for Sebastian to ignore Ciel anytime he sees a cat. [226], Ciel enrolls after he and Sebastian open a spot by doing something to a student and making him unable to attend. [412], Suddenly, Sebastian smells blood on Ciel and tears off Ciel's shirt, exposing needle marks, to his and Ciel's horror. As per Clayton's request, Sebastian returns his glasses to him, while reminding him to remove them before going on stage in the future. Although Ciel dismisses the notion, Sebastian states that his response is strange—Ciel is a boy who has met Grim Reapers and demons, yet he denies the existence of curses and werewolves. Sebastian remarks that Ciel's table manners are a "travesty. During the party, Ciel is surrounded by his carefree and playful friends (Elizabeth, Soma, and McMillan). [418], After Ciel convinces Nina to let him escort her home, Nina explains in detail her association with Blavat and the music hall, and also admits that she never met "those with the names of stars," who are of higher status than the S4. Sebastian's nickname is "Black Butler" (i.e. Ciel responds that Sebastian is the least trustworthy of all.[378]. [380] Piqued, Ciel replies he doesn't need to hear that from a demon who hasn't changed in centuries. [86] Sebastian agrees and brings Ciel to take the entrance test the following day; Ciel is able to pass with Sebastian's assistance. Unable to pursue him any further, Sebastian heads back to the grounds. Nevertheless, he excuses himself in order to do something. [435], At Phantomhive Manor, Sebastian gathers Baldroy, Mey-Rin, Finnian, Snake, and Tanaka, and gives each of them instructions, save Tanaka, who is told to remain as is. He states that there is something wrong in this forest, and he must take Ciel back. Sebastian reveals that they know that the corpses, which have been popping up around London, are coming from Sphere Music Hall and that Sphere has been using the Starlight Four to attract people and harvest their blood. 4.2 out of 5 stars 70 ratings. The corpse is brought "back to life" by some form of electrical shocks. "[347], Ciel knows this request won't be easy to accomplish. Sebastian tells Wolfram that Sieglinde must examine Ciel. After examining it, Sebastian decided to forcibly take it out, much to Ciel's chagrin. Meanwhile, Finnian is taking care of Ciel when a werewolf attacks them. Sebastian instructs the servants to load the luggage in the second carriage. Sebastian tells Ciel that it’s good that he chose to expand in this area, but he needs more knowledge than just data and statistics. [306] When he returns to discuss the situation with Sieglinde, she explains that Ciel has been affected by the evil miasma of the werewolves. Ciel is reluctant to comply, prompting Sebastian to remind him of how important Halloween is to the tenants on Phantomhive land. [197] He helps Elizabeth down, as he has caught Ciel who had already fallen, and they make haste to find the contraption that would stop the corpses. While Ciel was mourning the deaths of his parents, Sebastian reconstructed the manor. In early drafts, Sebastian's hair was styled with a 7:3 ratio parting. While kicking, a Bizarre Doll emerges from the water and bites Sebastian's leg, accompanied by countless others. It has been confirmed that they conduct the illegal human experiments daily within the hospital. Sebastian rescues Ciel and Aleister is arrested. The queen then declares that Sebastian is the winner due to his curry's appeal to people of all ages. [363] As Sieglinde screams in agony, Wolfram rushes at Sebastian; Sebastian easily knocks him aside. Ciel proposes that they get their fortunes told, quipping that Blavat would be no fraud if he can "divine the sorrows" of a demon, to which Sebastian responds that aside from the selfishness of his master, which is his primary concern, his mind is free of worries. Weight : 2350 g: Delivery Information. Exellence. Anime However, Sebastian becomes too captivated with Betty the Tiger, who bites his head, causing Joker, Beast and the audience to panic . [185] He has a dead body presented in a coffin, which is confirmed dead by Sebastian's distaste of the smell. [473], Their battle is interrupted by the arrival of Fred, multiple Scotland Yard officers, Alexis, and Edward. [239], When the fire starts spreading, Sebastian suddenly grabs Ciel, and they both continue to observe from atop a tree. Sebastian states that Ciel worked hard. As such, he is noticeably annoyed whenever they end up behind schedule. Sebastian says that Fred stated that, while their methods may be different, they share the goal of protecting people. Goals [362] Furthermore, the "miasma" is actually a chemical weapon made in this factory. Sebastian takes on the appearance of a tall and handsome male adult with black hair and red eyes. Sebastian comments that he knew it—Agares is also a Bizarre Doll. Ciel shakes, certain that he has seen "Ciel" die with his own eyes. 11 Dec. 2008 Sono shitsuji, ikasama. Aristocrats of Evil Together with his master and Snake, Sebastian confirms passage on the cruise. [245] Elizabeth's father then announces that he hopes to see another "Miracle of the Sapphires." He says that while the people who summon demons are usually ordinary, sometimes a brilliant inventor is among them, which would explain the machines. [462], Sebastian and Ciel drop off Soma at Sieglinde's place for her to tend to his injuries. [309] She agrees, but in exchange, she wants Sebastian to be her butler until Ciel is healed. [485], Later, the Phantomhive household, dressed in Chinese clothing, is served a luxurious meal consisting of Chinese dishes. Sebastian decides to make things interesting by turning it into a game. [140] On the other hand, Ciel and Sebastian start talking in French about Georg's displeasing attitude caused by heavy alcohol consumption. (To Ciel Phantomhive) "The candle burns away to keep its flame alive — not unlike a human being. [271], Ciel immediately yells at Sebastian, telling him he ordered him not to let Undertaker get away. [127] To satisfy her wants, Sebastian calls in Nina Hopkins, a tailor the Phantomhives have worked with previously. Who will you date from the Black Butler series? Sebastian has Ciel light everyone's lanterns, which the latter does via a candle. [439], After a Phantom Five performance, Sebastian accompanies Ciel as the latter comes down the stairs in Funtom Music Hall. [430], At night, Sebastian delivers tea to Ciel, and gives his report: Soma is exceptionally talented, for he is not shy and picks up the dancing after being shown the steps only once. [374], Sebastian and Ciel arrive in the nick of time to save the household from the German female officer. [287] They are all then unexpectedly surrounded by angry villagers who are waving their pitchforks at the group. Manga debut He is voiced by Daisuke Ono (who also voices Jack Vessalius) in the Japanese version, and J. Michael Tatum (who also voices Giriko and Tsukiyama) in the English dubbed version. [22] Moreover, he profoundly adores cats and once kept at least thirteen hidden in his wardrobe to prevent Ciel from finding out. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Sebastian_Michaelis?oldid=4120632. Grey asks if he is coming with them, and Sebastian replies that he cannot since he has an errand to run for Ciel. When Derrick, however, turns out to be a Bizarre Doll, Ciel immediately summons Sebastian[261] and orders him to capture Derrick. [122], After the train ride, they get a short ride from a local to a hill that they climb to find the workhouse. Butler of the Phantomhive HouseholdSecond-String Member of the Noah's Ark Circus (formerly)Dormitory Warden of Sapphire Owl at Weston College (formerly) On Sebastian's grave, beneath the inscription 'To The Memory of Sebastian Michaelis. [231] Throughout the course of the day, he follows Maurice around, witnessing him asking other students to perform fag tasks for him. Tanaka asks Sebastian what they should do. [464], At that moment, "Ciel Phantomhive" descends the stairs, to their collective shock. Helping to carry the device is a very entertained Undertaker. [222] Ciel tells Sebastian to get in the lifeboat with him, but the dolls begin to destroy the boat in an effort to get to Ciel. Wolfram again orders them to leave. [186] However, the corpse begins attacking the spectators. Sebastian explains that the "amulets" that everyone is wearing as werewolf protection are actually some kind of transmitter. Rate. Bracelet owners can attend the meeting according to their sign on their specific days—Polaris on Mondays and Wednesdays, Vega on Tuesdays, Canopus on Thursdays, and Sirius on Fridays. When Edward questions this, Sebastian explains that literacy in the lower classes of England is still very low, and thus, word of mouth is the most effective method to spread information; furthermore, the best way of making something stick with people by word of mouth is through a song, for words put in a repeating rhythm are much easier to remember than those spoken, which is why hymns and folk songs are used to convey religious teachings and moral lessons. The officers demand to see Lau and Ran-Mao's cargo, as part of their London-wide investigation for Ciel. [272] As he smashes one of the Doll's skulls, he adds that he cultivated it, so he won’t be robbed of it. They spot Blavat among the crowd, and Ciel greets him. In the anime, he appeared as a crow or raven accompanied by a rain of feathers. Personal Benefit. She remarks that it sounded too good to be true for her, since nothing that tempting is free. An anime/manga series follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler who is bound by a supernatural contract to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the thirteen-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family and the business-savvy owner of the Funtom company, a toy manufacturer. [213] Undertaker then attacks the pillars holding up Ciel; however, Sebastian rescues him, but then Undertaker captures Ciel. 186 cm (6'1")[1] Sebastian reminds Ciel that the Viscount has a medical license. [432], Sebastian complains about the limited span of time Ciel gave him to make preparations, to Ciel's amusement, and adds that establishing an imitation across the street from the original is "terribly cheeky and wicked" of Ciel. Sebastian then interrupts that this where they disagree—because death is such a hopeless and definite end, that is why it is beautiful. A Scotland Yard officer yells at them to be quiet. The outcome is unexpected. He faithfully follows and carries out every one of Ciel's orders, while ensuring that the Phantomhive household runs smoothly. 7.5 (55) 0. The information Sebastian gets is inconclusive; therefore, Ciel decides to head to the Werewolves' Forest because it would be meaningless to talk to a crazy person. A flustered Edward scolds Sebastian for having them accompany him, saying that he is still on the job. Video game debut However, despite all the troubles he goes through on a daily basis, he has said that he doesn't think it's such a bad way of living. When Lau says "Yes, my Lord" alongside Sebastian, both Sebastian and Ciel are surprised. Ciel simply puts his finger to his lips, telling Arthur that he must keep this a secret. They both believe that the culprit of the murders is now safely behind bars. Othello takes note of Sebastian and gathers samples from Ciel. [216] Just then the boat tilts sharply upwards which led to Rian's fall and his eventual death. Ciel warns Sieglinde to not carelessly open the door for anyone, even if it is him. While Sebastian places his master's pin, Sebastian is interrupted by Undertaker's laughter. Seeing her deplorable manners, Sebastian states he can't wait to teach her. Sebastian and Ciel review the previous murders and learn of the next likely victim. [199] During the fight where Grelle flirts with Sebastian, much to the latter's dismay, Grelle accidentally cuts a hole in one of the walls, releasing a surge of flooding water into the room. Finally, Ciel and Sebastian talk with Wolfram. [19][20] He is also proficient in Deutsch (German)[21] and East Franconian, a dialect in Southern Germany. [39] Once he arrives, he is attacked, but he is able to calmly eliminate most of Azzurro's defense, mainly by using silverware as his weapons. [246] Ciel watches as Sebastian "handles" the drawing for the "fair and impartial" dorm matchups for the game. Ciel first questioned Chlaus[282] who Sebastian quickly and efficiently brought from a sauna in Finland. When Sebastian asks why Blavat thinks he is not human, Blavat asserts that he can tell that much simply by looking; he describes Sebastian as a darkness that "swallows up the radiance of stars shining with all their might"; stars drawn to him will "stray from their orbits to wander the murk for all eternity," because he is like a collapsar. Sebastian covers his laughing mouth, saying Ciel had to start with the basics. Ciel answers he needed Wolfram to look after Sieglinde; she is his insurance. In the Victorian era, butlers were called by their last name. Finnian is about to happily agree; yet, he shrieks when he understands what Sebastian has asked him to do. Sebastian then helps Ciel out of his robes—he apologizes for being rough, but he knew Ciel was being followed. [414], Ciel states that he knows for certain that the meetings are a menace and that Elizabeth is there. Undertaker laughingly asks Ciel if he's enjoying his first time in group life. He successfully shifts everyone's attention with this act, leaving them in awe and developing a feeling of bliss. [354] Then they both take her hand[355] and lead her to the underground chamber where the magic circle is. He kills several, then is given orders to "clean them up" from Ciel, and so he begins killing the giant crowd of corpses by bashing their heads in. Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis SMUT 5.7K Reads 63 Votes 1 Part Story. Ciel is thrown off the upper-level balcony, and as Sebastian attempts to rescue him, he is run through with Undertaker's scythe. [417], When a couple of tradesmen accidentally drop a box, Nina Hopkins scolds them. While Ciel works on recruiting Edward, Sebastian heads to Weston College, disguised as Professor Michaelis, to recruit the others. Afterward, Sebastian and Ciel decide to head to Phantomhive Manor, as Ciel wants to be "certain" about a matter. It is implied that he is generally left-handed as he can be seen dueling with a sword in his left hand and when he writes, he also uses his left hand. 2. Ciel and Sebastian use this opportunity to leave. [308] Once he does, Sebastian bows to Sieglinde and begs her to save Ciel. Sebastian watches as Ciel faces Joanne. Both Sebastian and Ciel are surprised by her appearance. Sebastian got his last name from the Japanese word. [389], The next morning, Sebastian notices that Ciel is agitated while sleeping and is about to wake him, but Ciel jolts awake, simultaneously grabbing Sebastian's wrist. He opens a cabinet and discovers bottles of blood sorted by the names of the stars.

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