CNT = Control board, MOT = Motor and so on. 2 tons 3 tons 4 Tons 5 Tons. Cooling Capacity (BTUH) 24,000 BTHU 36,000 BTHU 48,000 BTHU 48,000 BTHU * Up to 20 SEER . The XV95 is made of quality, durable material and consists of superior components adding to its reliability. I just received a quote with the following model numbers, but I can't seem to find any information on the Trane or Carrier web sites for these models. "Trane: Keeps switching the code. Trane gas furnaces: Features Trane gas furnaces come with a wide range of features depending on the model you choose. Identifying the age of the furnace is a little more complicated if it does not directly state when it was manufactured. For additional info like price, model numbers & specifications, please contact Go Home Savings today! View and Download Trane XR95 owner's manual online. Here’s what all the numbers and letters of your Trane model number mean: Type of hvac unit. There should be a silver sheet metal box where the electrical connections are made. The sticker is usually found to one side of the furnace inducer . The following model numbers are included in the recall: Trane’s Warranty Coverage. For the layman, model numbers might look strange and weird. But still, every letter in the Trane furnace model number can signify something about the model. Decoding any equipment model number by standard means requires lots of valuable time. Call Accurate Heating & Cooling today at 402-238-2425 for service on your furnace or air conditioner. I haven't called Trane, but their site has not helped me find info on their RTUs built in the 1990's Thank you, Paulio trane official site. Model Climatuff Climatuff Trane 3D Motor HP (kW) 6.7 8.2 10.1 Rated Amps (2) (A) 11.3 14.1 17.4 Trane part numbers have the format of CCCnnnnn, where CCC is a three character prefix denoting the type of part: i.e. Also for: Xl80, Xv80. Trane AC model numbers denote the AC unit's furnace configuration, with a U meaning upflow and a D meaning downflow. The recalled furnaces include serial numbers beginning with 16304 through 16324. When combined with the ComfortLink™ II System, you can have control from any place at any time. Does anyone know why? Trane Products Reference Page. You have to know how to read the Trane serial number and interpret the results. Find all the parts you need for your Trane Furnace TUE060A936K2 at 80 furnace pdf manual download. We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common TUE060A936K2 problems. trane model number ycd075 tons pdf thebookee net. Trane XR95 Series Premium Single-Stage Gas Heating Furnace, Model TUH1B060A9361A. Features and components may vary by model and are shown for illustration purposes only. The model number description information in this blog is for the new Trane 80% S-series S8B1 furnace manufactured beginning in March 2019. Depending on the company who installed your Trane furnace, you may have some initial warranty coverage provided. Can anyone direct me to a place where all of the Trane RTU model numbers live? Find the model number. The serial number below indicates the furnace was manufactured in 2002. trane model number location. Go to the condensing unit on the outside and look for the data plate stamped on the actual side of the compressor. Heating input. Features: Highly-Efficient performance The XR95 features a 95% AFUE rating and qualifies for the 2009-2010 energy tax credits and Energy Star The new S9X2 furnace offers two stages of gas heat for comfort in cold weather, and high-efficiency CTM blower for effcient in warm weather, while maintaining the DNA that Trane is … ... Trane Hyperion Air Handler: XR Series 4. 4ttz0024a1 4ttz0036a1 4TTZ0048A1 4TTZ0060A1. View and Download Trane 80 manual online. This recall involves Trane, American Standard, Ameristar brand or unbranded furnaces. The model number is on a tag located behind the panel where the gas valve, burners and draft inducer are located. The model and serial numbers are printed on a white label on the left or right-hand side of the unit. In addition to the usual vertical positioning, it can also be installed horizontally. TONS. Furnaces have serial numbers on either the right or left panel. The structure of the serial numbers varies depending on when the unit was made. How can I tell the age of a Trane furnace from the serial number? The serial number on Trane air cleaners is … The Trane model is #TCD120C40CCA. 4TTX6024A 4TTX6036A 4TTX6048A 4ttx6060a. Trane S9X2 Gas Furnace – up to 96%, Two-stage. The model number also gives information about the model's design changes, with the fifth spot in the number denoting major design … the furnace, ensure greater durability and reduce operating sound. Trane Parts - Catalog (American Standard is the same as Trane) We list Trane parts we either stock or can have shipped to you right away. Furnace model numbers are found on a sticker inside the front cover of a Trane furnace. The Trane company began manufacturing heating devices in 1910 after company founder James Trane invented a low-pressure heating system called the Trane Vapor Heating System. Trane XB80 Gas Furnace 80% AFUEFour-speed blower motorSingle-stage heating Adaptive silicon carbide hot surface … Cooling Capacity (BTUH) … Trane 2/4TEE Air Handler: True Clean air effects technology Inside: MODEL. As part of our continuous product improvement, Trane reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common TUE060A936L3 problems. Within this string of letters and numerals, you should find an even, two-digit number. There will be a phase-in of new model numbers for new Residential 4T E E 3 F 3 6 A 1 A A000 Furnace Configuration TU = Upflow / Horizontal TD = Downflow / Horizontal Type D = 80% Premium X = 90% Premium Number of Trane Split System Heat Pump Product and Performance Data XB 13 Hvac ton. TAM4A0A18 TAM4A0A24 TAM4A0A30 TAM4A0A36 TAM4A0A42 TAM4A0A48 TAM4A0A60. The sticker is usually found to one side of the furnace inducer. 4TTZ0024A1 4TTZ0036A1 4TTZ0048A1 4TTZ0060A1. The XR14c is one of Trane’s two packaged central AC model series. Voltage. The easiest way to look Trane tonnage model number is on the AC unit itself. There are two serial number formats: 1) 2002 to present - If the serial number is a 9-digit combination of letters and numbers that starts with a number, then the first number is the year. 2 Tons 3 Tons 4 Tons … MODEL. The XV95 is Trane’s current premium two-stage variable speed gas furnace. Seer rating. TONS. This model comes with a four-speed blower, a self-diagnostic microelectronic controller, and an adaptive silicon nitride igniter. TRANE MODEL NUMBER BREAKDOWN. Trane Tonnage From Model Number Chart split system cooling product data trane. Trane’s packaged ACs are designed for use in homes with limited space, especially those located in southern parts of the nation. trane S9X2 gas furnace offers two stages of heat and a high-efficiency constant torque ECM blower motor for comfort in cold weather, while maintaining the DNA that Trane is known for: quality and reliability. I am trying to understand what they mean. Extrapolation outside the table conditions is not recommended. It has a modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower motor that deliver consistent and dependable heat all winter long, all while cutting energy bills month after month. Beginning in 2010, the first two digits are the year. The Trane model number nomenclature is broken down into segments. Upflow/Horizontal Two-stage Condensing Gas-Fired Furnace. The XC95M is Trane’s premier furnace. The model number of your new air conditioner or furnace actually tells you a lot about the features of your new system. In addition to this, Trane offers a range of coverages depending on what series of the model you have purchased. Trane T-Series air conditioners have model numbers that tell everything from the size of the unit to whether the system has had major upgrades. Beginning in 1971, age is a number followed by a letter in the serial number. This is the only Trane model compatible with the Wi-Fi Comfortlink II system. PRC020 EN FILE NUMBER PL RF''Decode Furnace Trane Model Numbers Forced Air Furnace April 20th, 2018 - 1184 00 Description Bryant used the first two numbers of the serial number followed by a date code the model number Ex GMP075 3 75 000 bonnet input Trane Trane is constantly switching its code' One of the high-end features is Trane’s Comfort-R solution, which allows the blower of the furnace to gradually increase output as the compressor loads up, removing more moisture from the air and slowly increasing temperature. The XR95’s highly-efficient performance means more of your energy dollars go toward actually heating your home. MODEL. wiring diagram trane wiring diagram trane wiring diagrams. It boasts an AFUE rating of up to 96.7% along with a DOE Energy Star rating. compressor model number system h 8 2 j 1 9 3 a b c a. find tonnage on ahu hvac TRANE® BRAND HVAC units model … In addition to a central AC, these compact units include a heat pump and furnace. trane model number tonnage forced air furnace. The Trane XL90 gas furnace comes in a convenient pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet of 40″ by 28″ dimensions. The Trane Voyager™ rooftop has by far the two numbers, interpolation is required. Trane S9X2 Furnace - Learn about the all new furnace from Trane. Heating stages. The Trane XE90 is a single-stage gas furnace that was marketed as a high-efficiency heating unit. Furnace configuration. Trane xl20i: model. Trane High Efficiency Gas Furnaces Trane Gas Furnaces are perfectly designed to heat your home to your exact needs. Trane gas furnaces are packed with state-of-the-art technology TONS. Also for: 120r9v, Xv … O = 80, T = 81, U = 82 MODEL. Find all the parts you need for your Trane Furnace TUE060A936L3 at Refrigerant types. Are they old models? Indoor coil units and air handlers have serial numbers on the front panel. The Trane XR80 is a gas furnace. I am new to this site and believe I may have missed something while surfing. Decoding the model number takes patience, but if you focus on a few letters or numbers at a time, you'll break the code quickly. 2 Tons 3 Tons 4 Tons 5 Tons. XR95 furnace pdf manual download. 2/4TEE3D31 2/4TEE3D37 2/4TEE3D40. Example: 1C-xxxx = March 1971, etc… 1980, 1981, 1982 the year is a letter in the 7th place. The tag should be … tons. Air conditioners and heat pumps have serial numbers on the top, right rear area of the unit.

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