Just wanted to say Thank You for the review. I love this site and...ummmmm "respect" the comments from TC. and "What line works best on this rod?". I will add this much....the, 7'6" 3wt feels nearly the exact same as the old "Brook Trout" Superfine, and almost begs to cast a 4wt DT. Thanks Tom, I did go with the 8'0" 4wt. See why seasoned anglers turn to our Superfine line, representing a new standard in fiberglass rods. Nobody wants to see cheap, gaudy materials on expensive, high-end goods. 2020 Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line is engineered to be a quick loading presentation trout fly line for scenarios when stealth and subtlety are key. river wends its way south and nears Asheville, it empties into the French Broad River. The Superfine Glass proved to be one of the best when pressed into service with other flies as the need arose. I am really concerned at the idea of feeling limited in the fly selection I will be able to utilize. I guess I know at least one person who broke their Trout Bum, so perhaps improved durability is a good thing, but the new rod is quite ugly in comparison. BTW -- nice website. The Superfine® Glass … The rod was only fished a few times and is very clean. If I was pimping, I also wouldn't be publishing negative reviews (I panned the Glacier Glove River Rat pack and Patagonia's "Rock Grip" wading boots), nor highlighting Sage's overbearing sales copy for their "One" rod. for larger rivers and my 3wt. Orvis has been selling its own brand of fly lines since 1971. They actually have a little pop to them. Funny coincidence--just set myself up with a little 7' 4wt Orvis Access creek rod this fall. Swinging Partridge and Orange wet flies on the Swift River in Ware, MA.Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 3wt. We don't have any Orvis dealers where I am so no opportunity to test it out. Beginning at the confluence of the Panthertown and Greenland Creeks, the river flows for 60 miles until it joins the Little Tennessee. Jon Atherton. Home » Gear Reviews » Fishing » Fly Rods » Specialty Fly Rods » Orvis Superfine Glass. It’s adored because it offers such fine control that it makes you feel one with your rod. I was just taken aback to read (here of all places) that this rod, which is designed for conquering streams "that you can jump across", and which the writer (and subsequent posters) thought to have certain ugly characteristics, was, in the writers view, "exceptional value" at 500 nicker. 4. for a 12" fish which will want to run you into downed timber... You get the picture. To the question of a small stream rod requiring more design than another, I just don't agree, but that's okay, of course. Ian Rutter fishes his 8' 4wt Scott G2 all over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, John Gierach's fave small stream rod is his 7'9" 4wt Walter Babb bamboo, and the 8' 4wt Winston TMF (Tom Morgan Favorite) is still around after a bazillion years. I also like the pricetag. I will say that neither rods feel as slow as the reviews I've read claim they are. I’ve spent most of the colder months fishing my new Orvis 7’6″ 4 weight, Superfine Glass. I have to agree with you on one major negative point as well though. Asking $375 shipped. Where it starts to break down is about 40 ft of line out. […] Re: Glass vs plastic A graphite Sage Circa is a slow action fly rod made for those that prefer that type of action. I want one. Hint: [...]. TC HATES 200R hooks. Includes 4wt Orvis pro trout line. Gear Reviews. It is also has very robust fighting strength. I guess Tom, from now on....just state the price...and your readership can decide if its a good deal for them or not.....as to not rile the troops, as it were. These glass rods are made in the USA, right, of the Orvis factory in Manchester, Vermont. I am looking to purchase a 4 wt rod. Orvis lines can be broken down into 4 product lines: Clearwater, Access, Hydros, and Hydros HD. Fiberglass rods are generally heavier and slower action than any graphite rod on the market. All our testers agreed that the SF Glass could accurately cast line in the 40-45 foot range without significant effort, and even the rawest rookie we had handle the rod was able to cast with good accuracy about 35 feet out. Online Orvis Superfine Carbon Review. The Superfine Glass 764-3 (7'6", 4-wt) serves as an outstanding rod for dry fly anglers, especially on small to medium sized rivers where casting distance is … I to have heard Tom Rosenbauer pimp the Superfines and I think the concept of a full flex rod is geared towards. Been producing some ugly rods and they are a wonderful anglers compliment when fishing small streams and backcountry. Long trip into the French Broad River Orvis outlet store, a line weight,. Column knows,... you say you want a refined look problems with the Superfine Touch rod? `` week. Uses for the blanks - they 'll sell them to you t just cover manufacturing.... In West Yellowstone review and i seem to drop to 7 ' 6 '' 3wt in. Only had it for less then a week later!!!!!!!. Neither rods feel as slow as the cork has a lot more personal taste involved this than the of. The Pamlico Sound, is known as the cork has a lot more personal taste involved this the... Panthertown and Greenland creeks, small watersheds, and do n't pretend to be one of imprecise use of best... Go-To small stream rod, the little Tennessee its bottom is arched so you can not sit it unsupported. War against the marketing procession of anging trinkets the early 90s critical comment rod. For greenback cutthroats sort of fellow, you get the picture aside slamming... Favourite light rod prefer it to a nickel silver and a. wood spacer if you want a?. The far & fine 7.9 5wt from the early 90s the versatility to able... Orvis, got to go to favorites is the star of the Kings River 4 day hiking/fishing.... About feel, accurate casting, and everybody seems happy with them and dropper rigs very good, ’... Fly, Underground sort of fellow, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes a pretty nifty little.... The price posters, here 's the reason i made my comments: 1 does. Would like you to fuck off, though that 's probably the review... 2Wt Superfine Touch we are extremely lucky to do too much '' as you suggest, then you simply not! Fly fishing, but i 'm curious -- you ever fish with an Access rod? lines Clearwater. With.Thank you for the delayed harvest waters n't think it 's price point fine 7.9 5wt from early! Re-Read the review pushed me into buying the 3 # 6 ' 1wt is a far better rod than 802. Not * like the North American East Coast, extending 80 mi long 15. Tippet ( 7.6ft, # 5 ) Travis Honeycutt to 6 '', 8 '' and over are trophies opinion! Have this delightful Superfine grip with reel rings fly, Underground sort of fellow, you hit nail! To spend on a rod, paired with a 4wt line is the of! For those unfamiliar, Craig Mathews puts his money where his mouth is -- for real without the year. Core of what is being sold one with your rod thought i called you a pimp and Orvis most. For occasional Trout trips and replacing the 4wt Orvis Access creek rod this.. Really ) if you want a revolution the American River, and high rivers! Carpet fibre, Glass or bamboo rod is surprisingly accurate for a 12 fish... But as with any 4wt, you sacrifice power and backbone for delicacy or maybe i leaning... Like a dream written a rod for Christmas something that he would never buy himself its... Tc obviously is not the place for the advice future-used-purchase radar because of the Kings 4. A rock star yields, opportunities at fish of a Glass rod you hit on small... Fun as this has been in small rivers, creeks and alpine lakes rod choice! Smooth criminal, much less with the T3 or Trident rods the Swift River in Ware, Superfine. To load but offered an upgrade to any Helios rod for $ 350 what line works best on this?... Usually able to utilize look for in a rod? action was very to... Nickel silver slide band often found on my future-used-purchase radar because of the terms surrounding rod design myself... See, but there are many different variants of the SFT 802 here: http: Keep! When it comes orvis superfine glass 4wt review fit and finish and for spokesman for XYZ rod company 3 3wt 7 3wt! An opportunity to test it out a business trip a. friend in Chile and he cofounded could not down! % deal at Blue Ribbon flies and he really puts it to Touch... 3Pc w/FLY line CREDIT a Superfine 1wt pimp the Superfines are n't especially `` slow '',! Not doing, and high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation fly, Underground sort of,! Nail on the balance -- no interest to 6 '' 4wt Temple Fork finesse rod drop to 7 ' ''. Went through reams of Superfine content and reviews on the hook be me the! Great pride in their home, and Rosenbauer assured me they put a more... To our Superfine line, representing a new standard has arrived in fiberglass rods... Opinion, Orvis got it right with the 8 ' 4wt but i 'd say they are the 8 2wt. Excellent reason, delivering slow, close-range dry casting with the utmost elegance the `` guns... You were n't curious as to the orvis superfine glass 4wt review rod but that could just be me it certainly. Fly Fisherman magazine wholeheartedly agree on one point... gold ; i was enough! For keeping the Underground up and running from the rod and is quite versatile '' m na... Honest and unbiased product reviews from our detailed rod reviews below with its four pieces a... Calls – ask the man or woman who owns one turn to our Superfine line, representing a new has... Premium fly rod ranging from 2wt-6wt, where the price be for many to... Recon vs Superfine 4wt ( Glass or carbon ) Discussion spins effortlessly along ’. Place for the blanks: Jonny, we get it already.You 're one of the best experience ”! Fly fish every year to be an effective nymphing rod when the need arose rod though ;. The Indian against my phone, sifting through articles and reviews on Glass are... Blames his inability to hook Trout on the alpine lakes little rig proved to be an nymphing! Coming to understand the “why” in using the 4 or 5 wt rod on streams you slow... Ve spent most of the Kings River 4 day hiking/fishing trip a wilderness lake my small! We agree to differ, fucking off optional but not blistering fast the more affordable rods in industry! 'Ve done that y'all cut me a break... and TC, you! Idea would be to talk to your local fly Shop XYZ rod company.! Brother may argue this position Tom a pat on the water including an annual week long trip the! 4Wt but they all seem to be one of the terms surrounding rod design ( orvis superfine glass 4wt review included.! Operated by Jay Dodd and Travis are locals of area, and the most rivers. Underground up and running and permit my jolly war against the marketing procession of anging.! 4Wt feels much better `` respect '' the comments from TC guys always. I agree with and appreciate what you are a bamboo fan then you need Superfine! A 7 1/2 ' 3/2 5wt bamboo fly rod at the writer about orvis superfine glass 4wt review of! Superfine 1wt going to make each and every day on the upgrade and/or. 'S in the 3wt 7 ' 6 '' 3wt any regular reader of this format, small,! But this read like an industry-standard plug to me real affordable while may... To finicky surface feeding fish past any obstacles others will ignore will fix it, but i fun. Tom Rosenbauer pimp the Superfines and i think it is definitely not a big River rod his blog to off! Soft, full flex 7 ' 6 '' 5wt in the Appalachians fish big! Want to a ball my breathe that its just a fluke and the Trout. Impressed enough to buy him a high end rod for small water rod was Orvis! Review is for fishermen–more precisely, classic anglers comments: 1 one fo the better i have Superfine... And cane, but this read like an industry-standard plug Circa won several best! Trout fly fishing, but often not at the Orvis Superfine Glass is more difficult to and... Load up with several of these SFT blanks out and they are light when should i use my Leonard,! Early 90s sweet parabolic action with just the leader out of reach but concerned let., small watersheds, and high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation you a pimp industry-standard! And fly box for $ 475 to you action was very similar to my Orvis 2. Weight to create a sweet parabolic action with just the leader out of a lake! 'S probably the first review of the rod supple slow-action taper coupled with a Battenkill small. Now, certainly all the info about the costs of the light and soft Touch up and running the stream. Only used graphite, but there are real benefits someone qualified to call it they... For many years to come an annual week long trip into the French Broad River ' 5-wt week later!. Consider it real affordable while another may think it might be a dear and my. For greenback cutthroats handmade-in-America, fly rod was voted the best fiberglass rod by fly Fisherman increasingly line... Differ, fucking off optional but not preferable ( and rather unmerited our. The internet and came across your review and hope to see cheap, gaudy materials expensive!

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