Value Engineering

Whenever possible, Thompson Builders will offer value engineering alternatives to reduce cost and schedule without compromising quality. We have provided value engineering services for a number of projects in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California, including the following:

Montclair Elementary School LLB Project

The Montclair project was designed $1,000,000 over budget. Prior to contract award, we reviewed the plans, which called for over excavating, off-hauling soils, and importing new soil for the foundation cavity.

After reviewing the soils report and soils matrix, we determined that we could reuse the (e) soil and lime treat the top 18 inches of the pad to produce the desired compaction level for the soils engineer. This saved the project about $100,000 and reduced the project schedule considerably.

Our value engineering team was also able to propose a savings on the windows. The specified window manufacturers were very expensive. We found another window manufacturer offering a comparable product that met the design and CHPS energy requirements at a reduced price.

Angel Island Immigration Station Restoration

We suggested that the concrete roof slab of the reservoir be replaced in lieu of being rehabilitated. Our value engineering services not only saved this Bay Area project substantial money and time on the schedule; they helped to provide a longer-lasting product.

Millbrae Water Pollution Control Plant

We proposed the use of a new technology high-speed turbo blower in lieu of the high-dollar specified blower that required high maintenance costs. The product change produced a more cost-efficient result.

Manteca Big League Dreams Sports Park

The City of Manteca wanted to add a field house building for indoor soccer to the contract price. When the bid went over budget, we worked with the owner to shrink the square footage and make changes to the aesthetics. Our value engineering services helped the city save hundreds of thousands of dollars and add the extra building.

US Appraisers Building Tenant Realignment

The mechanical portion of the work on the US Appraisers Building included a high-pressure system that was beyond the building needs. This is a common specification but, depending on the building, is superfluous in many cases. We suggested that the system be re-specified to a medium-pressure system. This not only saved the GSA nearly $50,000 in high-pressure testing; it will reduce energy consumption for years to come.

W2 Foundations and Columns

Our value engineering team suggested an alternate method of horizontal boring that saved the owner $800,000 on the State of California Department of Transportation Substation project for the new Bay Bridge.

Helms Middle School

The soffits of the covered walkways were to have an epoxy-resin panel system. We recommended a change to stucco that resulted in a credit of $60,000 to the owner.

Ross School

The specified fascia was a very costly 3x12 vertical grain Douglas fir wood. Our value engineering team suggested 2x12 re-sawn cedar, which is weather resistant and considerably less expensive. The architect agreed with the suggestion and We were able to provide the owner with a substantial savings.

Fort Point Historic Site

The plans called for a shop-fabricated steel arch at each window opening to keep sand from running down the walls, through the windows, and into the building. We suggested sealing the gap with spray-on expansive foam in lieu of steel arches. The result was a large credit to the owner and substantial savings to the schedule.

Symphony Towers

We recommended using shotcrete shear walls in lieu of cast-in-place concrete shear walls.The result was a structural component equal in performance with a reduced installation cycle of two weeks per floor and significant cost savings.Our value engineering team also suggested the use of a lost form instead of engineered fill at the foundation of one tower.This alternative provided superior structural integrity with a reduced cost and decreased schedule time.We saved our client additional time and money by limiting the amount of backfill/trucking needed at one tower in a highly congested urban environment.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or renovating an existing space, contact Thompson Builders today to learn more about our value engineering services. Project owners throughout the Bay Area and Northern California count on Thompson Builders to help maximize their construction dollars.