New Promotions & Employees! -- 8/8

New Promotions & Employees! -- 8/8

With a growing business, we have two promotions to announce and four new employees!

Joe, having been doing work under this title for some time, is now officially our Senior VP in Charge of Operations for the entire company’s projects! If any major issues arise regarding projects (like with subs, owners, etc.), he’s your go to guy! 

Due to our growth in both the building and heavy civil divisions, Petri has been promoted to the Division Manager of Heavy Civil where he will be in charge of all performed work (procuring work, management, personnel, and equipment)! Make sure to give both guys a big congrats the next time you see them! 

David Stucky comes to us most recently from BBI Construction. Dave has a long history of working as a superintendent for many different construction companies. Living in San Anselmo with his wife and two kids, David is a family man who has mastered the art of superintending construction projects. Whether it be implementing LEED protocols or coordinating and scheduling subcontractors to go onsite, David can do it all! Looking for a company that is progressively growing and has better opportunities for advancement, David has filled our open superintendent position and will be running the CC Kinesiology project! Introduce yourself if you happen to see him out in the field!

Henry Taatjes has a diverse background and is new to the construction field, but is eager to learn the trade. A graduate from Syracuse University, Henry has his Bachelors in Finance and Supply Chain Management and now lives in San Francisco! Previously a consulting analyst for TrustArc, Henry has a lot of experience working with numbers, in particular interpreting collected data, and worked closely with colleagues and clients, developing great people skills as a result. An old friend of Cameron Murrin’s, Henry brings to the table not only an enthusiasm to do his best but many skills acquired through his varying work history. With extensive personable and technical skills brought to the table, Henry has excelled quickly in his time here. Say hi if you pop into the office! 

James Sarkany joins us with an eye for details cultivated through his work in the construction management field. A construction manager for Critical Solutions, James learned the ins and outs of working with schools and architects alike. Managing funds, troubleshooting unforeseen challenges, and working as a liaison between school and public are just a few of talents! With an affinity for interpersonal relationships, James has strong communicative skills that encourage cohesive work correspondences. Always looking for a new challenge, James knows how to make quick decisions that meet quality standards and move projects to their completion by their due dates. With an MBA from CSU Dominquez Hills and his Bachelors in Construction Management and Architecture from CSU Fresno, James has the experience and schooling to back up his knowledge! Don’t be shy when you meet him!

John Myhre, our newest project manager, is a fellow Wolfpack alumni (just like me!) A graduate of Loyola University New Orleans’ masters program, John received his MBA and spent the past few years working as a Mechanical Engineer for the US General Services Administration. Managing reviews for over 100 federal facilities and courthouses in the southwest, John has learned how to be effective in communicating and advising his associates where necessary. Whether it be serving as the technical advisor for the Green Proving Ground emerging technologies incubator program or the lead project engineer for the largest solar power procurement contract in the west, John is a reliable employee with strong leadership skills. Be sure to greet him with “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (Let the good times roll!) for a little taste of New Orleans!


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