New Office Walls -- 9/30

New Office Walls -- 9/30

We got the walls up! Our new home is one step closer to being move in ready, and we are cranking out results to reach our deadline in November. Using a tilt up method, we made our walls out of concrete and laid them out flat on the ground before using a crane to tilt the walls up and in place. 

This quick process makes the work that much easier and simpler, so we’re moving right along with our schedule. Next up, we’ll be getting a roof over our heads! Before you know it, we’re going to be barbecuing and playing bocce regularly like Paul and Joe do on their bocce ball team! Let’s just cross our fingers that Leah’s dream of a pool deck on top of the office comes true. However unlikely it is, we can always hope for my dad (Paul) to have a change of heart! Regardless of if we have a pool, the new office is going to look great.

We can start to catch a glimpse, now, of how the office will stand out among other buildings in the area. Everyone will be envious of our new office!


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