New Jobs! -- 11/11

New Jobs! -- 11/11

As of last week, we officially have two new jobs we’ll be working on!

We finally executed a Letter of Intent for the construction of 360 5th St project in San Francisco. We have been providing pre-construction work on for the past year and now it is officially ours to build! The project budget is at $65 million. 360 5th St is not only one of our biggest projects, but is owned by the same client who hired us to build 950 Tennessee: Leap Development. (We must be doing something right since they awarded us this project as well!) The project itself is an eight-story building in the shape of a “U” with an inner courtyard and parking lot, taking up 145,472 square footage altogether. It will be built south of Folsom St near the SOMA neighborhood with the intention of 127 residential space units and 9,343 square feet of retail/PDR (production, distribution, & repair) space. As of right now, Bill Devers will be the acting superintendent with Mike Solórzano as the foreman, leading a team of Billy Devers and Henry Taatjes as our project engineers, Matt Sasan as the senior project manager, and Lee Jones as the estimator. It’s a team of champions that will begin work in December of 2020 with 20 months of work to look forward to!

Farther up north, we will begin work – hopefully by the end of this month – at UC Davis on their chemistry building. As the General Contractor, we will provide all the work and materials necessary for the seismic strengthening of the building, a project that will give us a good challenge! We will also be demolishing an exterior stair well, building a two-story, concrete bridge to join together the north and south wings, and even excavating the existing courtyard, among other tasks. With the help of our bid team in the office, we got the job for $8.8 million and will be charging Élan Thibert as superintendent with Luis Cardenas as our foreman, although Gino Green is going to be our site foreman. With Jake Thomas as our project manager, Angelo Romeo as the project engineer, and Clayton Fraser as our project executive, the foreseeable challenges with this job will managed smoothly and professionally!



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