Ferry Station to Open at West Coast’s Oldest Naval Shipyard

Mare Island, Vallejo, California
Ferry Station to Open at West Coast’s Oldest Naval Shipyard

Bay Area General Contractor Thompson Builders is wrapping up completion of the $30-million North Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility, located on the Mare Island waterfront in Vallejo, California. The key components of this new transit hub and design/build project include seismically retrofitting and rehabbing the 10,000 square-foot historic Building 165 for office and retail assets/uploads/Accent.jpgspace as well as constructing a new pre-engineered building and a canopy with four diesel fuel tanks for use in public emergencies.

Formerly a lead casting plant dating back to 1906 and housed in the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Thompson Builders completed major restorations of the main historic brick building—including brick rehab work, new windows on the south elevation to match the historic windows on north elevation, modernized finishes and a new roof. 

This general construction job, in collaboration with the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) and construction manager Westin Solutions, originated out of the significant need for emergency transportation should a disaster befall the region—and the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge suspend operation. 

“We want to have the capacity to keep ferries running in emergencies should roads close or bridges collapse,” says Mike Pahland, Thompson Builders project manager for the land portion of the contract. “By providing diesel fuel storage, WETA will now be able to keep the ferries running for public use for up to a week.” Because the site also houses emergency backup facilities, the facility can still operate via a diesel generator if there’s a power shortage.

Mare Island is the oldest shipyard and naval facility on the West Coast, first opening in 1854—four years following California joining the Union. After The Dutra Group completes installation of the piers and docks on the shipyard’s waterside, passengers can park, board and depart from the new Mare Island location terminal and connect to ferry and public transportation services throughout the Bay Area.

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