Creating Worth from Novato’s Waste

Novato Sanitary District, Novato, CA
Creating Worth from Novato’s Waste

Novato Treatment Plant Site Demolition

Bay Area General Contractor Thompson Builders has just completed the site demolition of the Novato Treatment Plant for the Novato Sanitary District—20 days ahead of schedule. During this general engineering job, Thompson demoed three large tanks at the water treatment plant and prepped the property for its next phase of building.

“Our biggest goal was to stay on schedule,” says Peter Hopkins, the project manager for the demo. “We were given 60 days to complete the work, and we got it done in 40.” 

“The difference with these civil projects is that we self-perform 100 percent of the work,” he says. While Thompson Builders served as the general contractor on the job, it relied heavily on in-house project engineers for the industrial and civil engineering components.

“I’ve been here for about two years, but Thompson has been doing these types of jobs for quite some time,” says Hopkins. “This project has really expanded the skillset of our general engineering division.”

Because this type of civil construction deals with water treatment plants, pipelines, refineries—really anything industrial—it’s crucial to stay on schedule and not bring about a closure at the job site, he says.

“Doing a large demo job at a treatment plant without interrupting the owner’s daily operations was crucial to the project,” reiterates Hopkins, who graduated with a B.S. in Construction Management from Chico State.  “We succeeded in two-thirds the allotted time—in addition to being the most affordable bidder on the table.”

An upswing in general engineering projects

Dan Giordani, an estimator and project manager for Thompson Builders, has been overseeing a number of projects in the company’s general engineering portfolio, ensuring his team is self-performing 100 percent of the work whenever possible. With a B.S. in Construction Management from Cal Poly, Giordani is well suited to handle a variety of general engineering jobs for Thompson Builders. These projects include:

• Major sewer treatment plant rehabilitation for the Las Gallinas Sanitary District

Installation of large diameter underground piping, removal and replacement of large digester mixing pumps, removal and installation of grit washers and removal and replacement of motor control centers and SCADA systems

• Emergency shoulder repair for the City of Cotati Installation of sheet piles and execution of creek restoration on W. Sierra Ave

• Renovation of the Trancas Street Bridge for the City of Napa. Installation of a sheet pile cofferdam, dewatering, stream diversion and installation of riprap to repair a large scour hole

• 2,300 linear feet of 12-inch sewer main replacement for the City of Healdsburg

Trenching, backfill manhole installation and final lateral connections

• Construction of a 2-million gallon Glenview water tank for the City of San Bruno

All site grading, underground utilities, finished grading and paving

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