Jimmy: Sure. Man of Action Studios, consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle, created the franchise.. Each Ben 10 Omniverse episode is about 22 minutes in length. Spanner appears upset by Ben's interactions with Ester; meanwhile, Subdora closes in on the Orb of Pooma Poonkoo. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Fight at the Museum 7 Fight at the Museum Ben and Spanner head through the door but Spanner purposely leaves Ben behind and the door closes, leaving Ben and Kai trapped inside. Errors. Spanner knocks Kai out of the way, but gets hit instead. Ester catches it and Wildmutt manages to pin down Subdora. Some weird alien artifacts in Bellwood attract enemies from the future and friends from the past. Title: Ben 10: Omniverse Spanner is happy that he straightened out Ben's love life for good, but Rook didn't think that was possible. Exo-Skull: What the heck happened to you? Spanner, in desperation, reveals himself to be from a future where Ben and Kai are together, much to Ester's annoyance. Ben 10, meet Clyde Five! Exo-Skull rams Shocksquatch backwards but Shocksquatch retaliates by shocking Exo-Skull, stunning him. After completion of each match, you go to Gsaw's store to purchase a most suitable weapon Very exiting Ben10 platform game. Next episode He also wore dark green cargo pants and black shoes. Subdora: I go to-a come slide, and then Tennyson goes-a poof-a, and I'm orange! Great for the kids to see all the different exhibits & museums! Kai and Ester put the artifact together and it causes Exo-Skull's blast to be redirected back at him. Use the HTML below. Ben 10,000 hugs her; Spanner, noting that his future is as it should be, is pleased that he has fulfilled his mission. Ben wants to know where the dinosaurs are and Kai says that they were moved for the alien artifacts while Spanner continues planning something. Series Details Written by I enjoyed it too, which always makes a kids movie even better! The episode starts with Ben and Rook visiting a museum that is the first of its kind to display alien artifacts to humans. How am I losing to you?! Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Who was the Episode MVP ? However, Kai tells Jimmy to get his face off the glass and Jimmy complies. And then running, and-a chasing, and-a then sapaloosh! Subdora (who was holding something) was also sent flying out of the museum. Ben: Jimmy, quick! Kai knows someone is trying to steal the orb and she, Ben, and the others head toward it. Subdora quickly takes the orb and runs away. Exo-Skull and Subdora then escape and Rook says they escaped in a ship that is too fast to track down. Ben and the others try to catch Subdora, but she evades their efforts. Later, we see Ben and Rook in Plumber HQ with Ben vigorously eating Chili Fries. 1,188 Pages. Ester says at least she isn't a space princess or a tennis pro. Jimmy suddenly appears and Ben asks him to turn into Spanner. Fight at the Museum is the sixty-fifth episode of Ben 10: Omniverse. In this episode, Maltruant appears for the first time. As the team looks around, Kai Green appears and Ben asks what is she doing here, with Ben briefly mistaking her for a hologram. Ben 10, not a Regular Superhero. Want me to hack something? The premise of each story is that history comes alive at night in the museum, and night guard Larry (Ben Stiller) has quite a time trying to control the situation. The Ballad of Mr. Baumann After a heated argument, the couple starts to smooch. Ben doesn't like the healthier food, but Rook thinks that Ben needs to start eating right. As Subdora tries to get the orb, Ben opens the bag, causing cheese powder to get on Subdora. Kai: Are you coming, or do you want to sit there until morning? Kai starts giving a tour about the artifacts. Ben’s country cousin decides he wants to be a hero as well. Ester agrees to stay too, not wanting to leave Ben and Kai alone. Exo-Skull then starts to blast at Shocksquatch but Rook soon joins in on the fight. Cartoons are for kids and Adults! Ben: Rook, saddle up. Subdora reveals herself but Wildmutt transforms back into Ben and Subdora knocks Ben away. Ben: Because you invited us? And that superhero is a 10-year-old boy whose name is Ben Tennyson. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? It was-a not good. ;) This movie takes place in the different Smithsonian museums in Washington DC. Ben 10 Omniverse Wiki. It is revealed that Ben has come to the museum for a date with Ester, although Ben had not been given that impression and is greatly disappointed that Ester had picked out such a "boring" venue. Ben is shocked to see Jimmy and Spanner simultaneously but then understands that Jimmy isn't Spanner. Spanner suddenly appears from behind Jimmy and throws Subdora off of Ben. View production, box office, & company info. Ben believes Spanner is acting crazy but Spanner insists that Ben and Kai are meant to be together. Ben the… Ben 10 Omniverse "Fight at the Museum" Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2014. Our players are mobile (HTML5) friendly, responsive with ChromeCast support. Meanwhile, Exo-Skull and Subdora are seen taking the mechanism from the orb to Maltruant and Maltruant says he has the key to time itself. Kai then directs everyone to the Orb of Pooma Poonkoo and says it's the first artifact that she and her grandfather found together. And it is true. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It takes around 8-10 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One. Kai: We really don't have that kind of time. October 24, 2014 Rook manages to blast a nearby fire hydrant that knocks down Subdora who then turns invisible to escape. Ben then says that Spanner was the one that saved it and Kai thanks him. Ben 10 is one of the most famous superheroes and boys here on our website, and for that you can see that we are bringing for you today a new online game from the Ben 10 games category. The … I'm thinking of an appropriately snarky reply. Except perhaps by hypnosis, or a brain transplant. Kai declares that the feeling is mutual and the two of them continue to argue. You can use your mobile device without any trouble. Help Rook to defeat the Robotic Aliens that have invaded the Plumber's HQ! But rather then using a badge, he wanted to use knowledge. Max says that the criminals are impersonating Ben just to get to him. Meanwhile, Subdora makes it back inside using her camouflage powers to remain undetected. Kai is distraught that the orb is gone and Ben assures her that he will get it back. On Saturday in Singapore at UFC Fight Night 162, Demian Maia handed Ben Askren another stoppage loss. Ben says that "guys" eat it all of the time but Kai takes the bag anyway. Ben 10: Omniverse Season 7 Episode 5 When Ester invites Ben (who brings along Rook to the former’s dismay) to a museum exhibit displaying alien artifacts, they encounter Ben’s former crush Kai. Full list of all 39 Ben 10 achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. He was first mentioned by Ben 10,000 in. Episode Guide Avg Rating (0) Your Rating. We've curated a list of lesser-known films to help you explore the space-time continuum from the comfort of your couch. Back outside, Rook, Ester, and Spanner are chasing Subdora, who attempts to slow them down. Elsewhere, a large alien named Exo-Skull is seen playing Sumo Slammers and Subdora enters after a failed mission. We believe that through such ancient objects, we can find the links that connect us all, and even answer the ultimate question: Why are we here?

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